Humanities Career Event

The annual Humanities Career Event will be organised on 7 April. This event gives students the opportunity to get to know the world after the University, via lectures, workshops and networking with professionals in the field. Are you a second or third year Bachelor student or a Master student and would you like to play an active part in deciding the program for the event and being part of the team of organisers? If so, join the committee for HCE 2016!

As a member of the committee you will share responsibility for the success of the Humanities Career Event 2016. You will be looking at such questions as: Which former students will give a talk? What kinds of workshops can be offer for students who want the best preparation for the job market? How can we bring students and companies together? As well as providing active input to the program, you and a fellow member of the committee will be responsible for PR and student recruitment. In discussion with a member of the communications department you will implement a strategic plan aimed at maximising awareness of the HCE 2016.

From January, once the program has taken shape, you – along with the rest of the committee – will be involved in the detailed planning for the event and you will be responsible for everything that still has to happen right up to The Big Day. Are all the speakers well prepared? Are the PR and communications going according to plan? What will the arrangements be for the day?

Acting as a member of the committee will give you a lot of valuable experience that you can take with you when you start out on the job market: Organising an event, drawing up and carrying out a PR plan and making and managing contacts: these are all important skills. It will also give you the  chance to start building your network inside and outside the University. And it’s good to have on your CV!

It will take you approximately two hours weekly (there’s a meeting once every two weeks: one hour preparation and one hour meeting). Of course you are present April 7th as well!

Interested? Send an e-mail with your CV and a brief letter of motivation before January 5th  to for the attention of Auke Ruhe. Please be aware that application interviews are scheduled to be held January 8th during the afternoon.

The Humanities Career Event committee