Enter the faculty ‘Study Abroad’ photo competition

Have you recently studied abroad or done an internship abroad? Are you abroad now or are you going abroad soon? If so, send us your best or most amusing photo from your experience abroad by 15 March 2014 and, who knows, you just might win the Faculty of Humanities photo competition!

Entering is easy

Humanities Photo CompetitionUpload your picture using this form before 15 March 2014. Include a short description about why you think this photo best illustrates your experience abroad. We are looking for photos that show what it’s like studying abroad and what makes it so special. For example, it could be a photo of you and your classmates on campus or in your room, on a field trip or where you did your internship, or at some other special location.

The best, most attractive and most amusing entries will be exhibited in the Lipsius building and will be published in our brochures and on the Internet, together with the photographer’s name, of course.

Entry requirements

  • The maximum file for uploading a photo is 1 MB. Note: the photo must also be available in a larger size in case you win a prize—3 MB/300 dpi minimum.
  • Only students at the Faculty of the Humanities are eligible to enter.
  • By entering, you give your consent for your photo to be used in print and on the Web.


The jury, consisting of Communication and Internationalisation staff, will make a pre-selection from the entries. This selection will be published in April 2014, after which Humanities students (and staff) can cast their vote. The winners for first, second and third prize are determined by the jury. The photo with the most votes will win the people’s prize.

The winners will be announced in early June.


  • First prize: a book token worth €75 and a 60 × 45 enlargement of the photo on canvas.
  • Second prize: a book token worth €50 and a 45 × 30 enlargement of the photo on canvas.
  • Third prize: a book token worth €25 and a 30 × 20 enlargement of the photo on canvas.
  • People’s prize: a coupon for having a personal photo album made.